Sunday - April 21, 2024

Content Marketing For Lawyers in 2016 – How and Why to Start with Video

Attorney David Daggett and Legal Marketing Consultant Cindy Speaker Discuss Content Marketing for Lawyers in 2016

Here is a timeline on this one hour training video:

0:32 – What is changing?
1:40 – What is the new “king?”
2:24 – What medium should we create the bulk of our content in first and why?
3:41 – Meet Cindy Speaker
4:28 – Meet Attorney David Daggett
7:00 – SEO today is about content marketing
7:17 – Jay Abraham on strategy
9:55 – You need a lot of content as a brand
10:55 – Mobile is driving video – I said it backwards!
15:23 – Facebook can help you know your audience better with free analytical tools
15:32 – How to create a custom audience in Facebook
17:05 – How to create a lookalike audience in Facebook
20:07 – What do you want to achieve with your content piece?
20:55 – David Daggett talks about building community alliances
22:50 – How to partner with other professionals on content pieces and leverage that for a steady stream of referrals
25:02 – David gives an example of partnering on content
26:38 – Understanding the importance of targeted landing pages
28:05 – The importance of putting a human face on your brand
31:30 – Why I suggest you start your content as a video piece first
33:03 – Three ways to create video content
34:10 – Best place to buy your video equipment
34:50 – Best tools for screen capture video
35:40 – About Adobe Creative Cloud and editing programs
37:47 – Tools for reformatting and repurposing your content
40:06 – Ways to create community around your brand
40:55 – Two important authority sites you need to get your content into
42:35 – How to optimize your videos on YouTube and link them to your website
43:44 – Email and drip campaigns – what program to use and how to construct your campaigns
45:26 – Livestreaming – why you need to get in the game
48:18 – What is State Law TV?
49:22 – Opportunity for lawyers that want to be content partners and legal analysts
51:22 – The coaching program
52:55 – What is included in the State Law TV program?
53:55 – David’s idea of the “Fireside Chat” Set in your office
57:10 – Why streaming audio in all new cars is an opportunity for you
57:55 – How to access our training videos and checklists
58:50 – State Law TV blends 4 things: Video Content Marketing + Public Relations + Community Building + Coaching
59:48 – END
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