My iPad is my favorite device of all time.  I didn’t say “vice,” I said “device.”  But frankly it is so addictive that some may consider it a vice!  Recent research shows that I am far from alone.  The iPad is fast becoming the most loved device of all time.  One of the things that I do each day is read news magazines on the iPad.  I no longer subscribe to magazines that don’t have a digital version.

Something else I really like is that the “Newsstand app” appears on the home page of my iPad – and of every iPad by default.  Next month we will be launching an iPad magazine that will appear in the newsstand if it is downloaded to an iPad.  In talking with attorneys and attending conferences, it is very commonplace to see them with iPads so it just made sense to me to test the waters on an iPad magazine.  We already have a publishing arm as we have been publishing books for attorneys for about 3 years.  Publishing digital content is so much more exciting though.  We will be able to include audio and video and other interactive features.