AAJ President Mary Alice McLarty recently told me, in an interview for Law Firm Marketing Magazine, that she believes tort reform is a scam.  Masquerading under the phrase “tort reform” these corporate front groups are inundating the media with reports of frivolous lawsuits and deceptive statistics on the rise in the number of trial lawyers.  Massive public relations efforts have been launched to tarnish the reputation of both the legal profession and the civil justice system.  And lawyers with the American Association for Justice firmly believe that these attempts to shift public perception can only be detrimental for the country.

“I’ve watched it…takeover the dialogue and it’s really a scam,” says Mary Alice McLarty, president of the American Association for Justice and also a practicing personal injury attorney, “because… it’s not reform.  it’s just taking away [the people’s] rights, their legal rights; their rights to a trial by jury, their rights to have their grievances heard, and their rights to an even playing field.”

(excerpt for the December 2012 issue of Law Firm Marketing Magazine) 

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