You asked for it!  We did it!

We have been having a great time publishing our new interactive magazine for the iPad, but some of your have told us you feel left out because you don’t have an iPad.  So we decided we have to do something about that!

This week we loaded our new YouTube channel with the video interviews that are in the magazine.  We set up a playlist for the November issue – that features Gerry Spence.  And we set up a playlist for the December issue – that features the American Association for Justice president Mary Alice McLarty.  You can watch all of the videos here. –

I admit it, I am an iPad junkie.  It is definitely my favorite device.  But I realize not everybody feels that way.  After all, there are about a gazillion mobile devices out there!  But just in case you decide to get yourself an extra special Christmas present, here is a Buy now link to purchase!  

Happy Holidays!